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12 Best Fruits For Treating 12 Specific Conditions (From Cancer To Kidney Stones)


Fruit is a delicious way to nourish and protect your body. With powerful, built-in medicinal activity, fruits are the “perfect food.” There are limitless studies on the undeniable benefits of a diet rich in fresh fruits. Both preventative and as a treatment for a multitude of ailments, fromcancer to heart disease, there is no downside incorporating fresh fruit into your diet.

We’ve compiled the top fruits to eat for both proactive health measures and treatment cures. No matter the heath issue, fruit is undoubtedly a positive addition to your health regimen.

Fruit As Natural TreatmentsGrapefruit for Infection

Grapefruit seeds have been shown to eradicate urinary tract infections – even drug-resistant strains.

Pineapple to Fight Cancer

Pineapple’s enzyme bromelain has been proven to be more powerful chemotoxic agent 5-flurorouracil in killing cancer. Check out this video for an easy how-to for cutting pineapple and enjoying the entire fruit:

Watermelon Aids Hypertension

Watermelon high amino acid content helps blood vessels dilate naturally, reversing endothelial dysfunction and reducing blood pressure.

Cherries to Counter Inflammation and Pain

Cherries anthocyanins have been proven to be as effective as NSAID drugs in reducing inflammation and pain.

Lemon to Cure Kidney Stones

Lemonade therapy has been shown to be a great alternative for patients with kidney stones.

Papaya Alleviates Skin Ulcers

The topical application of unripe papaya fruit on chronic skin ulcers proved to generate a positive response in patients 72% of the time.

Pomegranates to Rebalance Hormones

Pomegranates contain potent plant estrogens that don’t interfere with your natural genetic hormonal make up and functions as an ideal “back up” ovary for women’s hormonal health.

Kiwifruit to Lower Cholesterol

Kiwifruit extract has been proven to be superior to simvastatin (also known as Zocor) in lowering cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health.

Cranberries to Cure UTI’s

Cranberries have been consistently proven to be just as effective as trimethoprim in the prevention of recurrence of urinary tract infections. All of this, without running the risk of antibiotic resistance and/or fungal infections.

Elderberry to Shorten the Flu

Elderberry has been long used as a natural anti-respiratory infection remedy since ancient times. New research confirms that elderberries’ as compared to the other antiviral drugs and preventing the H1N1 infection.

Coconut to Relieve Gastric Ulcers

Both coconut milk and coconut water have been shown to have anti-ulcerogenic properties against NSAID (non-inflammatory) drug-induced erosions.

Strawberries to Prevent Heart Disease

Strawberries are invaluable to heart health due to their proven lipid profile that minimizes oxidative stress markers and atherosclerosis. To boot, strawberry extract relax the lining of the blood vessels, helping to reduce high blood pressure.

source: theheartysoul.com



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